Capdase Softjacket Lamina Case Blackberry Z10

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Rp. 60.000
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Brands Capdase

Capdase Softjacket Lamina

  • CAPDASE successfully created Soft Jacket-Lamina which only 0.75mm thick.
  • By the newest technology, Lamina was designed as thin as possible meanwhile not to resist the usage.
  • To have such fine and meticulous design, the cutting and molding is very important and have to put a lot of effort to develop.
  • CAPDASE has put large amount of resources in development and production.
  • The thinnest case in the world, 0.75mm Lamina, born successfully at the end!
  • CAPDASE Soft Jacket-Lamina is tailor-made and fit its contour perfectly.
  • Lamina is made with new materials and can prevent the phone from dirt, dust, grease and scratches.
  • Lamina can also have the functions to resist the case becomes oxidized and have deformation.
  • The glossy texture of Lamina can prevent your phone from slip and looks unique.
  • The open-face design can let you to operate your phone easily and conveniently.
  • There are tinted white, tinted black, tinted yellow ,tinted Fuchsia and tinted blue.
  • There are also screen protector, protective pouch and movie stand for your full protection and entertainments.
  • Let’s dress up amazing by this thinnest Soft Jacket-Lamina now!
  • Ultra thin cover with screenguard